British Airways – The Race

British Airways wirbt für die Olympischen Spiele 2012 in London mit einem sehr netten Werbespot.

„British Airways catches Olympic fever in this cute spot, where luggage from Great Britain, Japan, South Africa, the U.S. and Brazil compete in a race to the luggage carousel. […] I particularly appreciate the attention paid to the luggage, from the enormous, impenetrable steel case of the U.S. to Brazil’s patch-covered duffle bag.“ Quelle: Adfreak

duffle bag: Seesack

„a bag made out of cloth, shaped like a tube and closed by a string around the top. It is usually carried over the shoulder.“ Quelle: OALD

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  1. Alex

    Ich kannte „duffle bag“ bisher immer nur als faltbare Ersatztasche (z.B. von IKEA Family). Interessant.