The power of music

Im heutigen Video erzählt der 90-jährige US-Veteran Jack Leroy Tueller von einem bewegenden Erlebnis zwei Wochen nach der alliierten Landung im Juni 1944.

sniper: Heckenschütze, Scharfschütze
to burst into sobs: in Schluchzen ausbrechen
fiancée: Verlobte


  1. What a moving story. Thanks for sharing it with us! I enjoy your blog, even though I don’t understand German. I use Google translator; it’s a little strange sometimes, but gives me the gist of the meaning.

  2. Hi Rae, I agree, it’s very moving. Thanks for visiting my blog! How did you come across it?

  3. I just stumbled across it about a month ago, and I signed up for RSS feed. In many ways, it’s similar to what I want to do with my blog. Keep up the great work!